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I’ve been in marketing since 1991.  At the age of 27 I started a magazine with my life savings of $1,000 which I used to buy a computer.  I used the computer to build a database of every businesses I wanted in my magazine.  The magazine ran in NJ for 22 years and became an institution in every home in 22 towns in central NJ eventually reaching a quarterly distribution of 100,000 homes and 250,000 readers.  It was written by our community of over 300 volunteer writers and supported by virtually every local business in our portion of NJ.  It was a beautiful local magazine that our community wholeheartedly embraced as their own.

During those 22 years we serviced over 3,000 local advertisers who purchased over 24,000 ads from us.  Businesses loved our magazine for a number of reasons but mostly because no matter what kind of business they had they knew we were the people with the creativity and know-how to generate the response they needed.  Advertisers saw us as the magazine who could create ads which truly connected our readers to their business.  Our advertisers looked to us for ideas, creativity and artistry but mostly for business, growth and response strategies.


Today I own Tell Your Vision and two members of my family, my son Max and my daughter Jules have joined me.  What we do now is similar, but different.  We’re still growth strategists and provide the creative for those strategies, but today we only work with a handful of companies.  The companies are not our "clients" in the traditional sense of the word.  The companies we work with are more partners than clients because our agreements are structured based on growth and success.  We’re more of an investment company than a marketing company because we invest in our clients with our talents, know-how and skills in marketing. 

What we seek in a partner is a truly inspirational & reputable company.  We seek an impressive backstory, a clear leader in  their field, a robust hunger for growth and a company we truly believe in in every sense of the word.

- Larry Kain

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