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We are a strategic & creative marketing partner to entrepreneurs.  We invest our skills, talents and passions into our partner companies and our compensation is based solely on success and growth.  

This model provides unlimited opportunity yet zero risk for those we partner with.  


As part of our formula, after we agree on innovative and ongoing strategies for growth,  we then produce those creations for TV, radio, social and any other media required to get our message in front of the right people. 


One secret to our long lasting relationships has been in choosing truly inspirational & reputable companies to partner with.  We seek an impressive backstory, a clear leader in their field, a robust hunger for growth and a company we truly believe in.  

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The best way to grow a company is to build genuine love and trust with its audience. Therefore, we solely invest in partners we truly believe in, we become their biggest fans and then get the world to see and feel what we see and feel.  We don't just produce strategies & creative, our content is a medium in which we express our genuine passion for our partners.



The whole story in 90 seconds...  All digital roads lead to your perfect pitch the center of your marketing,  your Spotlight Film.  Most of our work is produced for our existing partner companies (above) Spotlight Films can be produced for any company

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